24 April 2010

The Third Joyful Mystery

The Nativity of Our Lord

What was Joseph doing at this moment?  The Gospels are silent.  As with all things concerning the Man of Faith there is a profound silence.  There is a tradition that Satan continued to plague Joseph with doubt even in these hours of our Lord's visitation through His birth.  If this is the case then we can reflect on a profound truth about our own relation to the mystery of the Incarnation.  It is clear that Joseph didn't fully understand what what happening.  This is the case with all of us.  How many of us have pierced the mystery of the Incarnation?  How unbelievable is this mystery!  Because this mystery is so far beyond our comprehension we are often tempted to doubt.  Yet, St. Joseph provides us with the fundamental masculine attitude toward such a mystery - actually for all things.  The attitude of St. Joseph is both silent and persevering.  He is embodies in himself the virtue of perseverance.  How lacking is this virtue today in all of us but more so in men.  Perseverance is that virtue by which we remain faithful even in the face of difficulty.  It is this fidelity that is the foundation for authentic fatherhood - authentic manhood.  We must pray earnestly for this virtue so that we can be pillars in our families, in our worldly dealings, and most especially in our faith.

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