26 April 2010

The First Sorrowful Mystery

The Agony of Our Lord in the Garden

Knowing His hour had come Our Lord suffered in this garden.  But, was it not His memory of the first garden that emphasized His sorrow?  What bliss, what perfection was lost by man in the original act of disobedience.  All the sins of the world through all time do not compare, equal, or surpass the singular evil of that sin.  This is only because it is as a result of the sin of our first parents that all other sins are possible but also because of its own individual radical rejection of God in such a perfect and complete way.  How could Christ not weep?  Why do I not wail at this tragedy.  How was it that He did not spill every ounce of blood as he sweat in the garden while considering just this singular sin?  What marvelous strength is found in the person of our Savior!  What sustains Him?  What comforts?  What compels our Lord to proceed from sorrow to deeper sorrow. Love.  Only the radical power of Divine Love can conquer this sorrowful abyss.  Does He also weep for Himself?  The eyes of the pious are never dry when considering the brutality with which Jesus was inflicted. How more so if the scene is viewed with the perfection of Divine eyes.  He knows and sees perfectly the violence of all sin.  Did He weep for the injustice shown to the One to whom is due unyielding worship?  Do I?  Did He weep for what this act would do to the hearts of those involved?  How did He not die from despair in that garden?  How did He even make it to the Cross?

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