26 April 2010

The First Glorious Mystery

The Resurrection of Our Lord

I have grown to like something a Dominican Father says about the Resurrection.  He says that if you let God into your heart then you will experience the Resurrection now.  Too often the mystery of the resurrection is something that has no concrete reality to us.  It is both shrouded by mystery and historically remote.  Because of this it is really hard to take this article of faith into prayer.  However, if we don't look at it simply as a Historical event in the Pasch of Christ or a future event in the end of time but as a spiritual reality that can happen in our life right now then I think we are on the right track.  God wants to make us holy and Christ shows us just how holy it is that He wants to make us.  But holiness is not something that happens in the future.  Holiness happens with every little decision we make for or against God.  It is in and through this daily resurrection that we may hope to enjoy the resurrection of the body when Christ offers the whole of creation to the Father.  Divinization happens today!

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