17 April 2010

The Second Luminous Mystery

The Wedding Feast at Canna

He would thirst upon the Cross but He would not suffer His children to thirst.  The old wine had run dry and no longer gladdened the hearts of men.  In her clemency the Mother saw the distress of her children and interceded on their behalf to her dearly beloved Son.  So, as once he took water, that simple element that sustains and gives life, and made it new.  He took it, for it was His from all time.  The Master, the true sustainer and giver of all life, gave his blessing and it was recreated.  No longer water, not old wine in clay jars - as we once were when we lacked His pleasing grace - but new wine, robust.  These jars of clay were filled with His abundance and again, and truly for the first time, did the heart of man rejoice.  Create a clean heart in me O Lord, do not deprive me of Your Holy Spirit.

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