30 April 2010

The Fourth Glorious Mystery

The Assumption of Mary

Mary is the great image of the Christian.  Mary is the faithful virgin who unites her will so perfectly to the Father's will that our very redemption is made possible.  She is the immaculate one, the pure bride and model of the Church.  She gives birth to Christ in the flesh and she gives birth to each of us in the Spirit.  She is the perfect Christian.  It is no surprise that she would be taken up into heaven in such a radical way.  But is it so radical?  Is this not a foretaste of what will happen to our mortal bodies?  Does she not now receive what  we will all receive at the consummation of the world?  Yes.  Mary is the forerunner even as John the Baptist was the forerunner of Christ.  In her very body Mary is the proof of the promises of Christ.  In her body she shows us what our future glory in heaven will one day be.  With our trust placed firmly on Christ we dare to hope that we will one day enter into the communion of the blessed.  Yet, more gloriously we will one day be reunited to our bodies as Mary is now united to hers.  What a wondrous gift.  How good is our Lord that He would raise up our broken and mortal flesh and infuse it with His very life.  We look to you O Mary as we travel through this troubled world.  You show us the humble way to your Son.  Guide us so that we may come to be with you in the glory of God for all eternity.  Look with mercy upon us who cry to you for we do not share your impeccable state.  We are sinners who follow you with little steps toward your most glorious Son.  Intercede for us, my Queen, and show us the way to Him.

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