20 April 2010

The Fourth Luminous Mystery

The Transfiguration

Let us not forget that we live in darkness.  Because of sin we were plunged into a place of such spiritual darkness it is as if we have never seen the light.  Our parents knew the light for they walked with God in the Garden.  Yet, after they chose themselves over God each and every child was born in the darkness - deep in the cave of their own making.  Oh to have been on Tabor!  Mt. Tabor, blessed among God's hills.  For it was on the top of your shoulders that a single ray of Light was allowed to shine through.  Beside that single sliver of Light did both Moses and Elijah appear dull.  Neither the Law nor the Prophets nor the unity of the two could compare to that one tiny sliver of Light.  On Tabor we glimpse the Glory of the Lord - in part.  Lord, in your coming you changed this world of darkness by infusing it with your Light.  We dwell here now in the dawn of a new day in a land cast about with shadows.  Lord Jesus, Transfigure me by the fullness of your Light so that I may come to my true homeland where I will begin to see the fullness of your Glory.  Mt. Tabor, you are no longer fashioned of rock and stone, earth and mud.  You have been recreated, by the Master, out of the new elements of justice and hope, faith and love.  Good and gracious God, help me to climb this mountain so that I may see your face.

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