25 April 2010

The Fourth Joyful Mystery

The Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple

Our Lord constantly wills to be surrounded by poverty. He impovershes Himself by becoming man. He is born in poverty adored by poor shepherds. He is born into a poor family from a poor town in a poor country. He decends from the lavish throne of heaven into the impovershed world within which we live. For sacrifice His earthly parents offer the offering of the poor on behalf of the One who owns all. He is attended by a prophet of little renown and the poor widow-prophetess announces His visitation. The is no pomp, no circumstance. There is no glory given to He who is waited on by the angelic powers. Again, God makes manifest His glory in the humility of poverty. Our God comes, robed in the majesty of poverty. Lord, give to me the grace to glorify you in humility of spirit and poverty in fact. Strip from me the pride of life and bid me to follow after your example with fervor and devotion.

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