27 April 2010

The Second Sorrowful Mystery

The Scourging at the Pillar

Pilot finds no fault in Jesus but yet has Him scourged.  Is this normal?  If a judge finds someone innocent does he usually punish him?  This is not justice; this is capitulation to the crowd.  What injustice comes from being a respecter of persons.  Pilot failed.  He failed in so many ways when he could have stopped this massacre.  Certainly Pilot didn't admire the Jewish leaders who called for the death of Jesus.  No.  Rather, it seems that his actions were rooted in fear.  Fear of the crowed who clamor for injustice.  But should it not be Jesus who fears? Jesus is the one to suffer the torments not Pilot.  Yet, it is Pilot who fears while Jesus stands stands fast in His vulnerability.  Pilot places his trust in the will of the people.  Jesus trusts in the will of the Father.  Jesus teaches us the meaning of courage in the face of injustice.  He teaches us, in His suffering, how to face the world - who will deride us and kill us because of His Holy Name.  He does not flinch in the face of the consequences of holding firm to the will of the Father.  Truly, Christ not only walks with us in our sufferings but also he walks before us.  Do we fear to fulfill God's will in our life - in our very flesh?  Teach us, Lord, your courage.  Teach us to be strong in our vulnerability.  Teach us to trust so that we may love as you Love.

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