17 April 2010

The First Luminous Mystery

The Baptism in the Jordan

On the second day of creation God separated me.  He divided me from the waters above the heavens.  I was contained by the earth and gathered into great basins.  He ordained me to nourish all living this.  By my life I gave life.  From my essence I watered the Tree of Life and all living this flourished.  But man sinned and in his sin I was called by God to execute his justice and only Noah and his family survived.  By me the Egyptians were destroyed by the hand of Moses, through the power of God.  Yet, when I felt the feet of the Master step into my heart I was revived.  He changed my very being.  I was no longer merely that by which life was given and taken.  I was made more.  As he strode through me to meet the Baptizer I was baptized.  As the Baptizer poured me upon the head of the Master I had no power over Him - he consumed me.  Now, by His grace I was to bring not death, and not mere earthly life but life eternal.  I became a spiritual tomb from which the Christian soul would spring refreshed - Divinized.  I no longer watered the Tree of Life; the true Tree brought life to me, so that all men might truly live in Him.

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