30 April 2010

The Fifth Sorrowful Mystery

The Crucifixion of Jesus

O majestic throne of Christ upon which He hung!  What is the Cross but the sum total of all the sins of every human person who has ever lived, lives, and ever will live condensed unto two beams of wood.  It is an instrument of torture and torment just as our sins rend the soul and rip the flesh.  It is the sign of the cruelty that reigns in each of our hearts.  It is as heavy as a mountain but as light as the flight of gossiping words.  And God was nailed to this thing - this reprobated wood!  His blood drained out upon its rough frame painting its ill intentions with love divine.  Pilot and the Jews believed that they had nailed this Jesus to the Cross.  Yet, they knew not the sublime truth.  The truth was that the cross was nailed to our Lord.  It was not our Lord who writhed upon the cross but the cross who writhed upon His sacred frame.  The death of God was unto life and that life was unto the death of the cross!  O sin, O cruelty, O wretched soul of demonic intentions, you have been nailed, pierced, thrust through and cast aside by the God who is sovereign over all.  O death, if you knew your fate would you have fled?  O cross of Christ would you not have rejected the nails if you knew your hour had come?  Yet, too late is the hour for your triumph.  Too late for the victory of the prince of this world.  Now is the day of the Lord's visitation.  Sin trembles, death retreats - the earth trembles and all is made anew.

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