11 March 2010

Luminous Mysteries

I don't know if this has come to mind yet.  However, today I was praying the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary that JPII gave to the Church and I decided to spend time meditating on the name itself.  I have always disliked the name because it has always sounded to Gnostic to me.  The problem of the New Age movements has pushed me to be wary against any imagery that could be used against the doctrine of the Incarnation - especially in peoples spiritual lives.  However, today I gained a greater appreciation for these mysteries and their purpose.

What hit me was that each of the Mysteries are a Theophany in ways that the other mysteries are not.  Fittingly, I became aware of this while I was praying the mystery dedicated to the Transfiguration.  This is the linking thread weaving each of the Luminous Mysteries together.  As I continue to reflect on this I am sure that I will find some insights into God's self revelation that I had not previously considered.

Each mystery exemplifies Theophany in at least the following way:

1. Baptism in the Jordan: The Revelation of the Trinity
2. The Wedding Feat at Cana: The Revelation of Jesus as God
3. The Preaching of the Kingdom and the Call to Conversion:  The Revelation of the Gospel Message
4. The Transfiguration: The Revelation of Jesus as God
5. The Institution of the Eucharist: The Revelation of the Eucharist

Each of these are different modes of Jesus as God revealing himself to us.  The first is the revelation of Jesus as the Son of the Father and a member of the Blessed Trinity.  The second is the revelation of the power Jesus has over creation harkening back to the first moment of creation.  The third is the proclamation of the Gospel, the Word which is a mode of Jesus as the Wisdom and Word of the Father.  The fourth is the Transfiguration which is the manifestation of the Glory of God in the flesh of Jesus.  His flesh is the new veil, his body is the new Temple.  The fifth is the revelation of the Eucharist as the True body and blood of Jesus himself.

Now, this is just the first rough notions that have come to mind concerning this scheme of the Luminous Mysteries but I am sure that more refinement will come with time.  It is my hope that this little insight will help people gain a deeper devotion to Christ through the mediation of this devotion.

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Lals said...

Ooooh, I realize this post was a first pass for you regarding your thoughts on the Luminous Mysteries, but I found it to be rather interesting. Thanks. :) The Luminous Mysteries are the first Mysteries of the rosary that I ever learnt to pray, so they hold a particularly special place in my heart. Honestly, though, I had never before stopped to think much about what they meant. Thank you for giving me pause and causing me to reflect a bit.

New post idea for you: the Glorious Mysteries. They're my favourite! :)